Wikifactory Report on Universities working for Open Knowledge

There is a new generation of designers, engineers and technologists emerging out of the growing network of universities and high schools with maker spaces and fab labs for their students.  

We’re impressed by these institutions, and delighted to have them host their design, engineering and architecture courses on Wikifactory! muscle

This week we wanted to highlight the universities and courses on Wikifactory that to the benefit of open knowledge, are publishing their works publicly for you to learn from!

mortar_boardOther Today Studio at the University of Brighton their students to research and develop products that properly consider the materials used, the fabrication methods employed, their supply and distribution chains, through to how they are used and disposed from the perspective of circularity. 

How can new advances in material science, fabrication technologies and supply chain logistics make possible for more circular products?

️The Fab Lab Limerick based at the School of Architecture, University of Limerick held a Digital Fabrication Elective course this spring that welcomed students to prototype and fabricate product ideas in collaboration with local cultural, educational and research programmes. 

An example is the above 3D printed city model of Limerick, take a look to see how they are bridging the gap between these technologies and creatives from all disciplines.

booksWe also wanted to recognise Fablab Digiscope at the Université Paris-Sud for hosting their Digital Fabrication course as part of the Masters program in Human-Computer Interaction and Design. 

They’re currently exploring the reuse of waste material and we are very much liking Recyclesized, a modular fabric system developed using recovered plastic bottles, old clothes, and even food waste.

Here’s to the new class of FabAcademy around the world that just have started, too! Impressive to think that there are more than 70+ nodes in the network hosting the distributed course.  

Those of you that are part of it have embarked on an exciting voyage to learn how to make [almost] everything and we hope that Wikifactory can serve as an inspiration to discover and learn from projects! 

Care to learn more about what we offer for universities and schools? Read up on this Story!

Do you have a project related to education that you hope to develop this year? You can count on our support to host it on Wikifactory, to build a community around it and to distribute it worldwide. Do get in touch!

See you on Wikifactory! v

Christina Rebel